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2011 Award Recipients

 Lifetime Achievment Award

Tom Humphries

CAL-ED and its supporters are more than honored to bestow this lifetime achievement award to Tom. For many of us, he needs no introduction having been involved with the issues of education and culture of, and by the Deaf for over 30 years. He is credited with coining the term “audism” in his doctoral dissertation in 1977. He and his wife Carol Padden wrote one of the first definitive texts on Deaf Culture and they have also co-written a number of other landmark texts on ASL and Deaf Culture. Tom’s contribution to the field of education comes from his observations of the cultural and indigenous practices of Deaf teachers, such as the concept of “chaining” to teach vocabulary. For the past several years at UC San Diego he has lead an experimental curriculum approach to teacher education the application of bilingual teaching practice to classrooms of deaf children. We are proud to have such a friend and distinguished scholar among us today!

Educator of the Year

Teresa McDonald-Fishler 

Teresa is a Teacher at California School for the Deaf where she has worked for over 31 years. She arrived at CSDR immediately after she got her MA in Education from Gallaudet College in 1980. She is well loved and respected by her students and the staff on campus. A devoted educator, she can often be found working in her classroom long after everyone else has left. Teresa has predominately taught reading to generations of CSDR students as well as a number of other subjects. She has been a master teacher for quite a number of student teachers including one this semester. Teresa is a native of Maine and proud to be a die-hard Boston Red Sox fan.



Administrator of the Year

Andrew Laufer

Andrew Laufer is an Education Administrator for the California Department of Education Special Services and Support Branch. He has been actively involved for the past several years in promoting deaf education issues within the state. Most recently Andrew received permission from the Superintendent of Public Instruction to seek grant funding to produce a film for parents demonstrating the benefits of American Sign Language. CDE received a $50,000 grant from the Annenberg Foundation, and California State University agreed to produce the film. Andy chaired an oversight committee made up of folks from the Schools for the Deaf and CSUN. The result is a beautiful DVD called “Through Your Child’s Eyes: American Sign Language”.


Interpreter of the Year

Carrie-Ann Jorgensen

Carrie-Ann Jorgensen works for Rancho Verde High School and Riverside County Office of Education. According to those who nominated her, Carrie-Ann is a consummate professional. She is a highly dependable person, she arrives early and she is punctual wherever she needs to be. At our site she is considered the lead interpreter, although she does not receive any stipend for extra duties. Along with the teacher of the deaf she makes sure classes are covered in the event an interpreter is absent, she makes sure that IEPs have an interpreter for the student whether the teaching or administrative staff signs or not and she tries to make sure that everyone and everything is fair for the staff overtime is equal and burden of classes is even. She is always working to improve herself for herself and the students she works with. She is always encouraging and is open to giving and receiving constructive feedback.

Parent of the Year

Apryl Chauhan

Apryl and her husband, Raj, have three beautiful children. Their older daughter is deaf. When her daughter’s deafness was identified, Apryl found out about a program called Parent Links, a parent-to-parent program specifically designed to meet the unique needs of families with newly identified deaf or hard of hearing babies. Apryl called them, and was connected with a fabulous parent mentor, who listened, answered her questions, gave her information about resources, supported her family in making decisions, and empowered them to advocate for the needs of their child. She has become a Parent Links mentor herself, and provides southern California families of infants identified through the California Newborn Hearing Screening Program (NHSP) with the same kind of hope, encouragement, and support she received when she learned that her daughter was deaf. She has demonstrated leadership in numerous other ways including IMPACT, Hands and Voices, organizing family events, and speaking at conferences. She has become a wonderful role model of what a parent can do to help their children and other families.

Contributor of the Year

Marcial Jauregui

Marcial was very instrumental and helpful in working with our conference chairs this year to make this conference successful. We had a very short time to prepare but thanks to his efforts and willingness to be flexible and helpful we were able to pull this off with a lot less stress. We commend Marcial and his staff at DoubleTree for their work with our committees and board members.