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2012 Conference Schedule 

The following is the conference schedule: updated 2/27/12. For the full schedule including locations and Children's Program, click the link below.

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Friday, March 2nd-

12:00- Registration opens
2:00- Special Interest Groups: Administrator, Infant/Preschool, Itinerant Teacher, Early Intervention
5:00- Welcome Message by the CAL-ED board
6:00- Dinner
7:00- TALK SHOW- Reflections on Travels of Deafinity – Dr. Paul Ogden
         QUEST Family Program begins*
          Parents and teen College Night
8:30-9:15- QUEST Kick-off
9:15-10:00- Bonfire & Social Networking- Unique opportunity to socialize while enjoying the bonfire on the beach

Saturday, March 3rd-

7:30- Breakfast
9:00-10:30- Fishbowl Workshops
10:30-12:00 Breakout Workshops**

   *Dissecting the findings: Transition Practices in California’s Mainstreaming and Residential Programs- Nanylynn Ward
   * Improving Educational Outcomes for Students: Looking for Answers- Jolene Berg/ Angelina Bertran-Harris
   *Transitioning Support for Deaf Learners with Autism- Dr. Christina Yuknis 
   * Why Sign? Exploring the Benefits of Sign Language- Megan Matovich
   * How to Advocate for Better Deaf Education- Sheri Farinha and Marla Hatrak

12:00- Lunch
1:15-2:45- Round Table Sessions or “Fishbowl” Workshops**

   * A Deaf Child: A family Affair- Debbie O’Willow 
   * Insights on Using the iPad for Students with Special Needs- Cristi Saylor and Gloria Rodriguez-Gil
   * Embracing the Visual World through Deaf/Hearing Collaborations- Rosemary Diaz and Nan Barker
   * BiBiKit: A Bilingual Bimodal Reading and Writing Tool for Sign Language Users- Christine Brown
   * ASL Poetry: Making Connections- Cara Barnett, Shira Grabelsky and Kelly Krzyska

3:00-4:30- Round Table Sessions or “Fishbowl” Workshops**

    * Use of Drama Techniques to Teach a Variety of Subjects- Angela V. Farrand
    * Learning to Behave: Visual Thinking Strategies for MS, HS and Post HS individuals who are D/HH- Carole Kaulitz
    * Should Deaf Students be Taught ASL Literature? WHY NOT!- Shari Kido
    * English Pragmatics for Hearing Learners of ASL- Campbell McDermid

3:30- QUEST Families Night
4:30-6:00- General CAL-ED Meeting
6:00- Dinner                                                                                                   *Silent Auction- all day
7:00- Awards Presentation                                                                              *Creative Art Gallery- all day
8:00-9:00- QUEST Families Night Performance

Sunday, March 4th-

7:30-9:00- Breakfast
9:00-11:00- Round Table Sessions**

      *Quest Roundtable 
      * Strengthening Sibling Bonds at Home AND in the Classroom: An Important Ingredient for Successful Bilingual Families AND Bilingual Education- Sheila Jacob
     * PEPNet 2.0: Needs Assessment and Plans for the Future- Mark Gobble and Mary Morrison                

     *Debrief with Families- Debbie O'Willow

11:00- Silent Auction and Art Gallery Winners Announced
12:00- Lunch

*QUEST program is being sponsored by Gallaudet University Regional College, Ohlone. For more information on the QUEST program, visit the Children’s Program page.

**This year’s conference format is different than the traditional conferences in the past. There is a “get off your seat and move on your feet” approach to the workshops. There will be two different formats for the workshops. Breakout workshops will be hands-on and interactive.  Round Table sessions will be classroom style but participants will be actively responding with a moderator. The “fishbowl” workshop is an “observe then do” type of format. Conference attendees will be learning with a hands-on approach this year.

Special note: Meals are being provided through the Asilomar Conference Grounds at Crocker Hall and are included in your housing fees. The dining room operates on specific hours, so please check the dining schedule upon arrival.

Print the full, updated Conference Schedule- Page 1 , Page 2, Page 3.

Print the full list of workshop titles and presenters


Do you have questions about the upcoming conference? Visit the online forum and ask them there!