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2013 Conference: Seeds of Learning

California Educators of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Annual Conference 2013
Marina Del Rey, CA
March 8-10

“Seeds of Learning”


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Greetings from the 2013 CAL-ED conference Co-Chairs to you!

We, co-chairs want to say to teachers, teacher aides and trainers, professors, educational  interpreters,  speech clinicians,  psychologists,  audiologists,  social workers, counselors, and family members that the conference 2013 was a success.  We really appreciate your support by attending the Marina del Rey, Marriott conference and making it a huge success!

This year the conference was a huge success.  We, CAL-ED colleagues are very fortunate that we had the conference at the Marina del Rey Beach. Some of you mentioned that you felt like you were in paradise at the conference.  The roof buffets were awesome with exotic views of the beach and the mountains. Wow!

Good News…. attendee numbers increased even though the economy is a challenge. We had a total of 281 attendees! Yahoo!

Many exhibitors came back, and they were excellent and worthwhile.  Thanks to all exhibitors for coming to the conference and sharing cool educational stuff with us. We will definitely stay in touch with you in the near future.

We would like to wave our hands to our wonderful committee-chairs for giving up their time and helping out with the conference.  Without you all, the conference wouldn’t  have happened. We do miss our monthly meetings with you. Do you? Thanks to Patty Ivankovic, the workshop planner, Shane Molisan, the registration coordinator, Andy Anderson, the exhibitor coordinator, Wendy Wiewel, the silent auction/raffle coordinator, Janette Duran, the children program coordinator, Kim Forbes, the interpreter coordinator, Jennifer Burnett/Alan Davary, the award co-coordinators, Kelly Sanders, the gallery coordinator/photographer, Nick Zerlentes, the donation coordinator and Roxanne Clanin, the program book coordinator. We will never forget you and your hard work. Hand-Waves to you all!  You rock!

We would also like to wave our hands to 4 CHAMP people who stayed and helped at the conference. They are…Maisha Franklin, our cool Mistress of Ceremonies and the fun interviewer…all weekend.  She sure made the conference brighter.  Watching the video of her interviewing many various professionals at the closing ceremony and the questions were very funny.  It will be posted on the website. Check it out.  Thanks, Maisha Franklin for being our wonderful MC and interviewer. Behind the video, Richard Hall was videoing and edited the video for the closing ceremony.  He did a marvelous job videoing and editing. Thanks, Richard!

Two other important people we must wave to are Davis Nguyen and Van Nguyen. They did an amazing job being such a wonderful tech supports. After we gave Davis and Van a tour of what the conference weekend would look like, they immediately rolled up their sleeves and did a wonderful job by setting up all the technology in all workshops and keynote presentations. You were experts! Thanks to you, David and Van!

Interpreters were wow! Thanks to Kim Forbes for coordinating everything. We received a lot of feedback that the interpreters did a great job interpreting all weekend. Hand-Waves to the interpreters and the interpreter coordinator, Kim! 

The first keynote presenter, Dr. Roz Rosen, addressed “Seeking Seeds for Success”.  She amazingly explained what the seeds for success are, where they can be found, how they can be nurtured, how they can be protected from adverse elements, and how they can be shared. The second keynote presenter, Dr. Petra Horn-Marsh, focused on the “ The Seeds of Language”.  She addressed the importance of early access to language needed for academic readiness and learning in a cognitively demanding and de-contextualized classroom. She also shared case studies of several deaf students representative of those with early access to language, and language delays and/or deprivation that illuminate the adverse effects of late access to language. Waves to Roz and Petra!
The Conference theme was “Seeds of Learning”. We sure celebrated a fun-filled weekend packed with tremendous educational and networking opportunities.  We came together in the spirit of harmony, understanding and improving the quality of ASL-English Education.  By being there, you took a stand for all Deaf and Hard of Hearing children.   Thank you!

Let’s continue to be involved in nurturing these Seeds of Learning throughout Deaf Education and the Deaf Community.

Stephanie Johnson and Kimberly Miller
2013 CAL-ED Conference Co-Chairs