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Greetings from the 2015-2016 CAL-ED President to you!

Dear teachers, teacher aides and trainers, professors, educational interpreters, speech clinicians, psychologists, audiologist, social workers, counselors, and family members, and anyone else who is interested….

The California Educators of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing is hosting its 56th annual conference. We expect to attract over 250 teachers, paraprofessionals, interpreters, and families with Deaf/Hard of Hearing children from all across California. This year’s theme is “Using Visual Language to Close the Gaps.”  The annual conference location is at Fresno State University in Fresno, California, February 26-28.

Our excellent website designer, Kelly Sanders has already posted much of the conference information on our CAL-ED website. But, here’s a few highlights.

There are many inspiring and hands-on activity workshop presenters. All workshops are related to the theme, “Using Visual Language to Close the Gaps.” These will be available on the website soon.

The Silent Garden Lecture for Latino Families will be offered by an amazing keynote speaker, Irma Sanchez. A Latino mother of three awesome, young Deaf men, aged 21, 19, and 14, Irma is an active mother with her family. She is also a very active parent, being a part of Parent Links and a parent mentor for Deaf Education and Families Project. Irma earned the title parent of the year at the 2007 Cal-Ed Conference. We can’t wait for her keynote presentation.

The Silent Garden Lecture series is also including a very special donation opportunity.  On Friday night two books will be donated to every Latino family with Deaf and hard of hearing children.  Families need to be in attendance at the Silent Garden Lecture in order to receive their books. Also the first 250 individuals who register for the CAL-ED conference will also receive books.

Saturday evening entertainment.  Our Favorite California Deaf actor John Maucere will be entertaining us.  Come one, come all!

Sunday morning, there will be a parent panel. The theme for the Parent Panel is…
 “A is for Apple. . . and A+ is for Our Teachers”. More information is posted on the CAL-ED Homepage.

Announcing Keynote Speakers!!!

1)    Dr. Gerry Buckley
-  President and CEO of NTID
-  Serves concurrently as Vice President of RIT and Dean. 
-  He has served as President since 2011 and been a member of the faculty at NTID
since 1990.

His presentation theme is American Employment Projections (2015 – 2022): 
Implications for Educators of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students.  This presentation will
include an overview of information on projected employment trends in the United States
over the next 5-7 years using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the U.S.
Department of Education and NTID.

2)    Professor Laura-Ann Petitto
-    co-PI, and Science Director, National Science Foundation Science of Learning Center,
-    Visual Language and Visual Learning (VL2).
-    Scientific Director, Brain and Language Laboratory for Neuroimaging,
Gallaudet University,
Her presentation theme is Science and its Implications for Education Today: On
Revolutionary Science from Visual Language Learning, Reading, and the Bilingual Brain.
What unique capacities babies born with–and what core properties are in the
environmental input–that together makes possible the extraordinary feat of human
language acquisition? This presentation will provide an overview, spanning more than 37
years, of the major discoveries led by Cognitive Neuroscientist, Professor
Laura Ann Petitto.

Generous 2016 sponsors!
-Gallaudet University,

If you, or your company are interested in sponsoring the CAL-ED conference, please print the Sponsor's Menu by clicking the link, Sponsors. Also contact Nicki Ferry, (2016 CAL-ED Conference Chair). Her contact information is posted on the CAL-ED Homepage.  Your tax-deductible donation will help ensure the Conference is a success. We sincerely hope you will join us in supporting Deaf/Hard of Hearing children and their learning.

Awards nominations for educator of the year, contributor of the year, administrator of the year, and more. There are so many professionals that need to be recognized for their good work.  Nominations are due by January 5. Get your nominations in!

To conclude…

We will soon gather together with the goal of improving the quality of ASL-English Education.  By being there, you will take a stand for all Deaf and Hard of Hearing children.   Let’s aim to be involved in supporting our children throughout Deaf Education and the Deaf Community. Please come and join us “Using Visual Language to Close the Gaps” at the conference in 2016.

Check CAL-ED.org for updates.

Stephanie Johnson
CAL-ED Board President

P.S.  Make your hotel reservations today! Here is a list of suggested hotels near Fresno State University.