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Greetings from the 2015 CAL-ED President to you!

Hi all!

Continued good news keeps flooding regarding the recent conference!  Many people reported that they had a great time there and learned a lot.  Well done, Mallorie Evans, our 2015 CAL-ED Conference Chair!

A BIG THANKS to all teachers, teacher aides and trainers, professors, educational interpreters,  speech clinicians,  psychologists,  audiologists,  social workers, counselors, and family members  (& anyone else that was involved) for being a part of the 2015 conference.  We really appreciate your support by attending the Long Beach, CAL-ED conference and making it a huge success!

As the new president, I would like to share my experience and thoughts with you.  A little bit about my background.  I am a trained DHH teacher who focuses on bilingual integration via ASL/English.  I have attended many Bilingual Professional Development opportunities over the years.  These days, bilingual integration is a big success in Deaf education, including from L1 to L2.  In the deaf community, our goal is to start with deaf peopleís first language, ASL.   Studies have shown that (L1) needs to be accessible and effective and then the students will be more successful in their 2nd language. We are here to collaborate and make ALL programs successful.

In our recent CAL-ED conference, we came together in the spirit of harmony, understanding and improving the quality of ASL-English Education.  By being there, you took a stand for all Deaf and Hard of Hearing children and showed great support for their futures. Thank you!

Letís continue to be involved in nurturing Deaf Education and further developing the Deaf Community.

See CAL-ED.org for updates.


Stephanie Johnson

CAL-ED Board President