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Video Logs

View each of the conference Vlogs by our conference chair, Catherine Davary.

Conference Registration

Advance conference registration has now ended.  People may do late registration for the conference at the door or by mailing the form before February 24th.  Please print the conference registration form, and bring it to the conference with you for at the door registration. Click on the registration page for more information.

In order to provide reasonable accommodations (such as American Sign Language Interpreters and Spoken English to Spanish Interpreters) your registration must be received by February 17th with this accommodation marked on the registration form. Requests made after February 17th cannot be guaranteed.

Lodging and Travel Information

Asilomar Conference Grounds is now taking reservations for the conference weekend. Please print the housing form and mail or fax to Asilomar Conference Grounds. Click on the lodging and travel page for more information. The lodging page has been updated with a Q&A to answer some of your questions.  **For CAL-ED conference attendees who are NOT SLEEPING AT ASILOMAR‏ please make sure you read the Food and Beverage Policies for meals for off-grounds guests on the lodging page.

Workshops and Presenters

The tentative list of workshops and presenters is now available.  Click on the workshops page to view the list of workshops and presenters.  Click here to print the list of workshops and presenters.

Conference Schedule

The tentative schedule for the upcoming 2012 conference is now available. Click on the schedule page to view the schedule, or click here to print the schedule page 1, page 2, page 3.

Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups will include Administrator, Early Intervention, Itinerant Teacher/Special Needs. (Itinerant teachers are invited to attend two hours of the Special Needs SIG then they will break apart into two groups for the last hour.)  Click here to visit the SIG page for more information on presenters.

Children's Program

Throughout the conference, children ages 5-10+ are invited to join the Children’s Program. This year’s program will include a variety of fun hands-on activities from QUEST. QUEST activities are being sponsored by Gallaudet University Regional College, Ohlone. Visit the Children’s Program page for more information.

Board Member Elections

During our 2012 conference we will be electing several new positions to the Board of CAL-ED.  Visit the Board Member Election page for information about becoming a board member and the election/voting process.

General Membership Meeting/By-Laws

On Saturday, March 3rd we will be having our General Membership meeting during the CAL-ED conference. The main focus of the meeting will be to update the CAL-ED by-laws.  You can view a proposed copy of the by-laws on the By-Laws page or the CAL-ED member's only forum.  Please visit the By-laws page for more information on making suggestions for changes to the by-laws and procedures.  Click here to view/print the General Membership meeting agenda.

Creative Arts Gallery

During the conference, CAL-ED will be hosting the Creative Arts Gallery competition. If you have Deaf/Hard of Hearing student art work you would like to enter, please visit the Creative Arts Gallery page to learn more.

Terms and Conditions

Please read the terms and conditions prior to registering for the 2012 conference.

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Visit the online forum to ask questions about the upcoming conference.