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Fairview Learning Training

CAL-ED is excited to bring teachers, staff and administrators a full-day training on the Fairview Learning program. Members have been asking for more training, so here is your chance to participate in a full-day training on the entire program. This training is being offered all day Friday, March 8th. Teachers are encouraged to register for this incredible opportunity to learn more about the program, to fine-tune the program you're already using, and to learn about the new materials and tools. If you've already been through the basic training, this full-day training will take your skills to the next level and you'll leave with an understanding of how to implement this program in your classroom right away. If you've never been to a Fairview Learning training, this will be a crash course in the full program!

Registration for the Fairview Learning Training is separate from the conference registration. Teachers are encouraged to arrive Friday morning for the Fairview training and stay through the weekend for the full conference. However, you may register for the Fairview Learning training only if needed.

Please see the attached flyer for details on the Fairview Learning registration.  For more information, contact Connie Schimmel, cschimmel@fairviewlearning.com or call (601) 366-4099.

Click here to print the Fairview Learning Training Flyer/Registration.