Cal-ED Virtual Conference #1: Elevating Families

  • 21 Apr 2021
  • 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
  • Virtual Conference via Zoom
  • 307


  • Elevating Families (Guest Speakers: John Serrano, Liann Osborne, Nan Zhou & Stephanie Craig)

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Webinar 1:  Elevating Families 


[ID: two columns separated by words in white “KEYNOTE SPEAKER”; left column in dark gray, title in white: “Family Engagements: The Power of Relationships”, presenter’s name in white block letters “JOHN A. SERRANO”, Cal-ED logo on bottom; right column close up headshot of presenter, looking straight at camera with short hair, mustache, and beard, wearing a dark suit with white shirt and striped tie]

BIO: John A. Serrano is currently the Superintendent of Atlanta Area School for the Deaf, a day school serving over 160 Deaf and Hard of Hearing students in metro Atlanta, Georgia.  He resides in Alpharetta, Georgia with his wife, Melly and three kids, Natalia (13), AJ (12) and Matthew (4).  

[ID: two columns separated by words in white “KEYNOTE SPEAKER”; left column, close-up headshot of presenter with face slightly facing upwards and to the right, long black braids draped in front of both shoulders, small dangling earrings, wearing a black top and maroon cardigan; right column with maroon background, title in white: right column “Intentional Practices: Fostering Everyday Racism”, presenter’s name in white block letters “DR. LIANN OSBORNE”, Cal-ED logo on bottom]

BIO: Dr. Osborne saw so many social inequities and civil rights issues that led to a shift in moving from counseling to the field of education. She believed that by working in Deaf education, she could teach Black & Latinx Deaf students the importance of being mindful, compassionate activists and become critically conscious of the society that does not value them.

[ID: two columns separated by words in white “KEYNOTE SPEAKERS”; left column in light blue, title in white: “Our Adopted Children’s Journey to Language Acquisition”, presenters’ names in white block letters “NAN ZHOU & STEPHANIE CRAIG”, Cal-ED logo on bottom; right column picture of couple with water background and bridge in distance, person on left with short brown hair wearing a teal and blue top with gray pants, person on right with short black hair wearing wire-rimmed glasses, head tilted to the right, wearing a button-up top with dark pants]

BIO: Nan is a counselor for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students at Ohlone college. He was born in China and immigrated to the U.S. as a teenager. Stephanie is an elementary teacher at the California School for the Deaf. She was born and raised in Australia. Avid travelers, both Nan and Stephanie love living in the vibrant and diverse community of the San Francisco Bay Area. Nan had been an active member of the Asian Deaf community, serving various positions in organizations at the local and national level, and had been a long-time storyteller at the Oakland Museum of California. They are adoptive parents of two Deaf children from China. 


The board members of CAL-ED want to assure conference participants that all precautions will be taken with regard to COVID. Participants are encouraged to wear masks and consider vaccination.


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